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US Health Crisis

Since 1990:

  • 20 diseases tripled
  • 2.1 chronic conditions per American
  • 170 million affected.


Annual Cost: $2.7 trillion. 

What's changed?


The causes are in your diet, lifestyle and environment.


Help us discover the root causes of the US Health Crisis

What's causing the sudden explosion of 64 diseases, chronic conditions and stress symptoms?

More than half of the US population is affected - 170+ million Americans.  In a single generation, 36 diseases have more than doubled and 20 have more than tripled. Another 28 stress-symptoms are stealing our peak performance. The average American has 2.1 of one of these diseases or conditions The annual economic cost exceeds $2.7 trillion.

All these diseases and conditions are chronic. They can last a lifetime. There are few cures.

Diet, Lifestyle and Environment

None of these diseases and chronic conditions are caused by germs. Instead, root causes can be found in our diet, lifestyle and/or environment. These diseases are man-made and thus, they are preventable. These are the diseases of civilization.

We need your help: First, calculate your pScore - your snapshot of health. Then, make specific changes in your diet, lifestyle and/or environment. Watch how your pScore changes.

The clues are in your life. Tell us which environmental triggers you think are most responsible for the US Health Crisis. Join the Search for the Cause!

Find out what’s shaping your health!

Create your pScore™ in just 5 minutes. Your pScore™ is a measure of your current health and helps you predict trends for your health.

Suffering from chronic health conditions

Annual cost for just 36 fast-growing diseases

Share 7 biological factors in common


A New Era of Disease: Did We Miss the Memo?

Biological Markers

Neurological Disease

Top 40

Biological Markers


  • Autism +2,094%
  • Celiac Disease +1,111%
  • ADHD - Attentional +819%
  • Hypothyroidism +702%
  • Osteoarthritis +449%
  • Sleep Apnea +430%
  • Diabetes +305%
  • Alzheimer's +299%
  • Depression +280%
  • Panic Disorder +263%
  • Autoimmune +221%
  • Ashma +142%

Calculate Your pScore™

Your pScore™ is a measure of your current health and helps you predict trends in your health.