Our Search for the Cause and Solution to the Rise of Diseases of Civilization

Below is an outline of our Five Step Approach to exploring, discovering and finally solving the unexplained dramatic increase of chronic diseases in the United States and around the World. Please join with us in our mission as we come together and uncover the cause and the solution.


for Congress to fund the Chronic Disease Initiative.

We request Congress to immediately establish a federally-funded Chronic Disease Initiative (CDI), which, using a similar scientific discovery model to that of the "Human Genome Project," will bring scientists together to discover root causes and cures for chronic disease.

  • Autism +2,094%
  • Celiac Disease +1,111%
  • ADHD - Attentional +819%
  • Hypothyroidism +702%
  • Osteoarthritis +449%
  • Sleep Apnea +430%
  • Diabetes +305%
  • Alzheimer's +299%
  • Depression +280%
  • Panic Disorder +263%
  • Autoimmune +221%
  • Ashma +142%


scientists, academics and students to investigate.

Engage scientists, academics and students to investigate the factors that explain this explosion of disease:

  • 36 diseases more than doubled.
  • 20 have more than tripled.
  • 16 have more than quadrupled.
  • 170 million Americans are affected.
  • COST: $2.7 Trillion every year.

A New Era of Chronic Disease: the US has entered a new era of chronic disease where more than half the population is affected (52.3%) and four new disease groups have emerged. Sleep disorders, obesity, neurological disorders and autoimmune disease have become commonplace.Both autoimmune and neurological disease now each surpasses cancer and heart disease in growth, cost and number of people affected.


with scienctist and researchers to discover what root causes link these very different diseases and conditions.

Engage scientists and researchers to discover what links these very different diseases and conditions:

  • Neurological: 91 million
  • Autoimmune: 50 million
  • Sleep: 101 million
  • Obesity: 110 million

This paper traces the explosion of thirty-six germ-less diseases and the 7 bio-markers they share.

Paper: Root Cause in the Dramatic Rise of Chronic Disease 2018


international groups, the CDC and NIH to confirm biological mechanisms, maps and models.

Engage scientists, the CDC, NIH and researchers around the world to look for connections across disease groups. Fund and advocate research that can confirm biological mechanisms, maps and models. Is there a unifying disease theory - a common biological cause?

Biological Mechanism: as an example, research shows all 36 fast-growing diseases and chronic health conditions share these biological markers below. Does this point to an underlying biological mechanism? What biological models explain the current health crisis?

P-Factor: Is a single molecule or an entire system of biological factors to blame? A molecule made in the body called peroxynitrite (ONOO), which is known for its devastating biological effects , is linked with all 36 fast-growing diseases and all six bio-markers. Together these seven biological factors create vicious cycles of biological destruction. The multiple impacts and biological chaos it causes is called P-factor. Is P-factor a biological smoking gun for chronic disease?


the environmental link. All 36 fastest growing diseases are germless. The external cause is likely environmental.

All thirty-six fast-growing diseases are germless. Bacteria, viruses, parasites and mold are not to blame. The external cause is likely something in our environment, lifestyle or diet.

These 36 diseases are the sometimes called "diseases of civilization." They are manmade. What are the environmental* factors that have led to this explosion of chronic diseases and conditions in America?

* Environmental is used here to include environment, diet and lifestyle. These are external causes.