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Find your pScore™- this is your predictive health score.

Since 1990, sixty-four diseases, health conditions and stress symptoms have exploded in the US. Almost everyone is affected.

  • All diseases and health conditions share the same biological fingerprint.1
  • The root causes are found in your diet, lifestyle and/or environment
  • Changes in your diet, lifestyle and environment can affect your health.

Find out what’s shaping your health!

Create your pScore™ in just 5 minutes. All information remains confidential. Your pScore™ is a measure of your current health and helps you predict trends for your health. The pScore™ app also suggests ways of improving your health.

Make a few adjustments to your diet, lifestyle or environment and then track your positive changes. Your pScore™ can show actual results in as little as 2-3 weeks. 

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